Monday, September 29, 2008

ramdom crap happening in my life

let's see, school has been okay. i stayed home sick today. (a big bummer) i also stayed home from church yesterday. i went to my friend's house on friday and spent the night. it was TONS of fun! earlier that week, she had been sick. her brother got sick after her, then her sister got sick. so of course, i got sick =( i finished my homework and decided to make a halloween decoration. right now, i'm very bored. i just thought i would put that out there. after a while, you'll probably notice that i am very random.


Monday, September 22, 2008


Hi! To start off, here are some things about me. I am soooo CRAZY!!!!! I absolutely love Febreeze and Axe! I think food is really good, unless it's not. (I told you I'm crazy.) I've never had a blog before. Oh, and I'm very random. I love math, spelling, chocolate, basic sweets, and most of my family. My friends are AWESOME!!! I made this blog yesterday. I will try to keep in touch with my blog. Hopefully, school won't interfere with my posting. Some of my favorite singers are Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, David Archuleta, Martina McBride, and Jack Johnson. My parents are the BEST EVER!! I love you guys! Well, I guess that's it for now. ttyl! (talk to ya later,for all you old people.) Bye!