Saturday, October 11, 2008

my thoughts

Hey!!I'm back! btw, i did not forgt about blogging.recently i've been listening to lots of Taylor Swift. particularly her new song "Love Story." also, "Hot n' Cold" by Katy Perry. i've been liking school more than i thought. even if i have a lot more homework than other people. (not because my teachers are jerk-butts) i'm in the gifted program. i actually like my teachers, except for one of them. in music we're in groups learning to play songs on the recorder. everyone got a certain job, and of course, i'm my team's cheerleader or "entertainer." =[ go team go! LAME!!! anyway, i have to go. see ya!

yours truly,
proud member of the nerd herd
(inside joke between friends)

p.s. feel free to make clean comments anytime you want. but don't question my sanity. we all know i'm crazy!



Stranger who felt like commenting said...

A boy took a shower. (clean comment)

Dancer09 said...

so... you get a blog and then you get thoughts? not fair! that didnt happen when i made my blog!!

Mama D said...

I can almost hear "Love Story" in my sleep y'all play it so often!

I know you're crazy and have a lot of energy, but how did you get chosen as your team's cheerleader/entertainer?!? You don't get to play your recorder in music class?? Hmmm...

kaytay said...

mama d, i do get to play, but while i'm not playing i have to be a cheerleader like thing. i got this stupid job because we're in groups of five. 2 people in my group knew what they wanted to be, and nobody else wanted their jobs. the other three of us all wanted to be leader. so the two other people voted. i didn't like that. they chose someone other than me. the only jobs left were time keeper and entertainer. i'm nice so i let the other person have time keeper. i got stuck with entertainer. =(
btw, your welcome for getting "Love Story" stuck in your head.