Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pretty hearts

This is really short and random, but I found the cutest heart images on google. Here's the website: Just thought you might want to see the cutest hearts ever!
p.s. I told you it would be short, and guess what, I'm just like this post, short and random. Cool!!

See ya! Bye! Talk to ya later! NO, SERIOUSLY, GET OUT!!!!!! Bye-Bye!


Anonymous said...

I like your pretty hearts. You'll never know when I will be sneaky and I will sneak into your heart.

Anonymous said...


Mama D said...

These are pretty hearts! Did Papa show you how to link or did you figure it out on your own? You're smart like that, so it wouldn't surprise me...

Papa D said...

Short and random - and one of the loves of my life.

Laura, sneak away, babe.

Mama D said...

I tagged you. To do something fun, check out my random quirks post to know what to do. :)

Dancer09 said...

i tagged you too.. it is fun so do it! (mine is the same as mama's)

kaytay said...

Laura, don't do that again you freak!!

Mama, I've known how to link stuff for a while now. You "tagged" me? What?

Papa, I love you too!!!

Dancer, you too?