Monday, January 31, 2011

My Very First Awesome Post!

So, I might have to change my Awesome Posts from Friday to Monday. I figured out that it's really hard to remember my blog when I'm busy celebrating the end of the school week. Also, Mama works until 6 on Mondays so the computer is easier to get to.
And now, what I really started this post to write, my first Awesome Post!
-books (Harry Potter especially)
-the Gospel <3
-stuffing my face with food and not gaining a bazillion pounds in the process
-Cool Whip
-Fairfield, OH :)
-acting like a complete tard with friends
-getting a 21 on the ACT in 7th grade (surprised? I was too.)
-Matt Damon
-warm brownies
There you go! :]

1 comment:

Mama D said...

You're awesome!

I love your list. You inherited that eating-but-not-gaining-weight from me... (It's a blessing and a curse!)