Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Zoo That is My Family

My house is a sea of hormones. And Papa's stuck in the middle of it all. With Sarah off at college, there's only 4 of us girls and Mama, counting Andrea. Fejj comes home every week (usually) with Laney. Ryan's doing great! And... he'll be home from his mission this summer!! :D

I've started an 'Awesome List' in my journal (thanks for the idea, Sarah). And I decided that I would steal another idea from Mama and tweak it a bit. So, I'm going to post an Awesome List every week-which will probably turn into every month, knowing me. They'll probably be posted on Fridays.

I've found one of my new favorite authors! Sarah Dessen! I've read all of her books and got three of them for Christmas. I'm also rereading the Harry Potter series!! :D


Papa D said...
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Mama D said...

Good thing we can all swim in the "estrogen ocean"! lol

Hooray for Awesome Lists and good books and lots of happiness!