Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mother Nature Kind of Sort of Sucks... But I Guess I'm OK with That

Stealing a quote from some church but who cares. "Whoever is praying for snow, please stop!" It's crazy out there! Don't get me wrong, it was pretty fun seeing how deep the snow went and making snow cones with plastic cups, snow, and lemon lime Kool-Aid. Shoveling? Not so much.
So, I am still wet from almost 3 hours of being outside. Except, that was something like 2 hours ago. I'm cold, even though the heater is working (thank goodness!). And, I have nothing to do. Great. Thanks Mother Nature. Thanks a lot.
However, as I said earlier, the heater works. I have plenty of food. Water, milk, kool-aid, etc. I am indeed clothed. So I'm warm (somewhat), fed, and not naked. Oh yeah, and my toilet is completely functional. That's a biggie!

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Mama D said...

I guess it was kind of fun to see how deep the snow got, but I could do without having to shovel out...