Monday, December 15, 2008

Movie thoughts

This post is about movies that I have seen, movies that I haven't seen but want to see, and movies that I have no intention of watching... ever. Hope you like it!!

1st= movies that I have seen.
I saw Twilight a while ago. Now, I haven't read the books and so if you have you would probably know more of what should be going on in that movie. But, I haven't. I really liked it. It was very entertaining and interesting.
I also saw The Dark Night. Oh my gosh!!! I LOVED it!!!!!! (Ryan, Fejj, those continuing ! were for you guys. I love you too!!!!!!!) I thought it was amazing! I can't say much more. It was just down right sweet!!
HSM3. It wasn't great. It was a lot better than the other 2, but not great. I thought they acted like teenagers for once. There were a lot more random songs though.
Another AWESOME movie that I've seen is Serenity! It's the Firefly movie. It is so cool!!!
p.s. River ROCKS!!!

2nd= movies that I haven't seen, but want to see.
I want to see Wall-E so much! I heard it was really cute. That's all I'm putting on this list.

3rd= movies that I haven't seen and don't want to see.
One of them is House Bunny. That movie looks so stupid to me.
Another is The Spirit. It is a horror movie, and most horror movie are just plain dumb to me.
The last one that I'm listing here is It. It is another horror movie. Meaning I'm not interested at all.

That's all! If you want to know my opinion on another movie, ask me. and I'll probably add it to the post. Bye!


Mama D said...

Doing a movie review like this is a good idea. What about Kung Fu Panda? Have you seen that one?

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