Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Best School Day!

Yesterday I had the best day of school I think I will have this year. (except the last day, party days, etc.)

I'm going to go in the order of my classes: Math-1st period, Science-2nd, General Music-3rd, Lunch, Recess, Language Arts-4th, Social Studies-5th, and Enrichment-6th.

First, I accidentally slept through my alarm clock. That's good because I missed the beginning of math. But, I had a sub who I knew. She's really nice!

Then, in science, well... nothing really exciting or unusual happened. Wow! I'm surprised! Science is always fun and exciting.

Anyway. Music's turn! I was so happy in music! On Wednesday my class had auditions for honor chorus. We found out who's in yesterday. Guess what! I made it!!! Yay!

Lunch was kind of boring. Yesterday's lunch was grilled cheese and tomato soup. It was yummy! Yesterday was also the "Main Event Party" for some fundraiser that we did like 2 months ago. I didn't go. It lasted the entire lunch period! (1st, 2nd, and 3rd lunch!) It also took up the entire gym.

The gym is where we usually have inside recess. That meant that we had to have recess in the cafeteria. Then, they changed their minds and said it wasn't too cold to go outside. So everyone had to get their coats out of their lockers. Outside I learned that if you stand by a wall that the sun hits a lot, it's warm! I stood by a wall almost the whole recess time.

Then, in language arts we played a review game for a dictionary skills test. I was fun, but we didn't finish it.

Next is social studies. For the last couple of days we had been working on billboards for whichever of the original colonies we were assigned. I got New York. Yesterday, the homeroom voted which of our class's billboards they liked the best. We voted on their class's billboards. New York's billboard got the most votes! In the other class, Maryland won. My teacher said that the group who wins gets a big candy bar! When one of the people in my group asked me what kind I wanted I said Cookies n' Cream Hershey bar! I love those things!

Last, but DEFINITELY NOT least, enrichment!!!! I had so much fun in enrichment yesterday! We did an egg drop. We actually made the containers for the egg two days before the egg drop, but that doesn't matter much. If your egg had no cracks on it when you took it out, your team got 500 points.If it had a crack, but the crack was too small to let any of the insides out, you got 300 points, and if your egg was completely broken, you got 0 points. My team's egg didn't have any cracks! We got 500! Also, the day that we made the containers, we weighed them. Who's ever weighed the least got 500, and so forth. My team's egg and container weighed the least, meaning we got 500, again!! We got 1,000 points in one challenge!

I'm still talking about enrichment, but it's a different challenge. For the last 2 days we had had a sub. In those 2 days we played animal charades. The first day was just practice, but the second day we started playing for points. Here are the instructions: We had 3 minutes to guess what animals the other teammates were. The teacher would hold up a card with the name of an animal on it. Whoever was acting it out couldn't make any noises. If the people guessing got it ready the teacher would turn over another card. At the end, each animal you guessed was 10 points. There were 2 rounds. The people who were acting in the first round had to guess in the second one. In the first round my team got 7 animals, or 70 points. In the second round we got 18 animals, or 180 points! Together that equals 250 points! Now my team has 1,950points!! I'm so happy!

p.s. I'm pretty sure I just broke my record for longest post!! Cool!!!



Mama D said...

Sorry I haven't commented yet. I thought I had...

Congrats on making Honor Chorus!!! I'm glad you had such a great day at school. And yay for your record long post! :)

funnysoprano said...

Awesome day! I never got to do an egg drop. I'm pretty jealous